Uniteam is the ideal partner to develop and implement turnkey solutions for thermoplastics at the service of the automotive industry. For years now, indeed, the company has been presenting itself as a supplier of comprehensive services providing also industrial automations and auxiliary injection units for the production of multi-component products, together with the manufacturing of injection moulds.

Among the latest projects in this field, Uniteam has managed two BMW projects and three Daimler projects that resulted in a comprehensive package of moulds, auxiliary injection units and equipment exported to the US for series production at the plants of primary American Tier-1 located in the southern area of US, not far from the two German carmakers. In particular, for the two BMW projects Uniteam has managed a turnkey package made of 9 moulds with 2K-technology and 5 auxiliary injection units for the injection of the 2nd material.

The Daimler projects include moulds with injection compression technology, which allows to inject parts with reduced thickness, control warpage and reduce the weight of the injected part. To complete the service, Uniteam has supported its customer during the projects’ start-up stages in the US together with its technicians and with the support of the local tooling service partners.