Rapid Prototyping

In order to help its customers during the design phase and to verify the choices made during the research and development of new products, Uniteam uses rapid prototyping systems (SLS Selective Laser Sintering or FDM Fused Deposition Modelling) to produce the components in PA or ABS, reproducing the exact part dimensions for assembly purposes or for mechanical properties tests.

Prototype tools for R&D testing

The ideas conceived in the R&D department, after a preliminary feasibility study, are then further developed with the manufacture of a prototype tool. The manufacture of small prototype tools allows to study the injection process or special internal moving items to obtain special geometries. The experience gained is then carried over into the production moulds, applying the scale factor effect.

Furthermore these tests can be carried out with the presence of our customer who are often interested in the proposed technology in order for his to test directly the functionality of the tool and validity of the proposed technology.