Chemical-physical and mechanical analysis of materials

Given our experience regarding the injection process and chemistry of thermoplastic elastomers, we can support our customers with the choice of the proper material for sealing or overmolding purposes.

Through the cooperation with research laboratories and raw material suppliers, tests on materials for different applications are performed, in order to provide the proper grade and shore for each specific application.

Product defect analysis

Our R&D department checks the quality of the parts produced during the tool trials and the steel the moulds are made of; the department intervenes whenever defects occur on the product.

The defect causes are then determined through an accurate analysis thanks to equipment available on-site to the R&S department or through cooperation with research laboratories until the problem is solved.

Innovative material testing

In Uniteam we have a special attitude towards innovative materials and by means of our own prototype moulds we give to our partners and our Costumers the opportunity to test their materials, this allowing us to always be up-to-date with the latest thermoplastic materials and their behaviours.