Uniteam, thanks to an exclusive technology, allows the molding of multicomponent parts with standard single-barrel injection machines, with the application of an Auxiliary injection unit for the molding of the second material or a different color, by ensuring at the same time top quality and increased flexibility of the production cycle.

Multimaterial 2K – 3K

Uniteam has been identified from its customers as the leading partner worldwide for the design and development of injection moulds for multi-component products by means of multi-material injection (2 or more materials) in the same mould.

The technologies used are the most advanced (core back system, rotary tables, spin tools, index inserts, core transfer, pick and place, etc) and the proper technology is selected each time to grant the reduction of production costs and steps, and to increase the product quality. This is normally applied to integrated sealings or to bi-material or bi-color components.