Founded as a propelling engine for enhancing the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, the Unisystem Holding counts in its group a pool of companies of technological and industrial excellence. Uniteam is mainly focused on the automotive and Injection technologies sector. Dynamica and its Romanian branch, offers high reliability in the manufacture of molds and technologically advanced equipment.

Factory08 with its division devoted to industrial automation aims to develop and enhance the concept of "automation" seizing the new industrial challenges, not only in the automotive sector.

Within the scope of product design, with its digital platform has managed in just a few years to establish itself as one of the leading players for the development of creative solutions and design products for the main worldwide brands. The soul of this solid group finds its roots in the values ​​of professionalism, perseverance in achieving objectives, creativity, ability to translate ideas into action, always inspired by a future-oriented attitude.