Uniteam takes a step forward in innovation, acquiring the T-SCAN CS portable infrared laser scanning system coupled to the T-TRACK CS + optical tracking system, both ZEISS products, in order to provide the customer with a dimensional report of the component together with the mold. This system of metrology, based on triangulation, allows to obtain a 3D survey without contact by digitizing the topography of the component with a high data transmission rate, acquiring 210000 single points per second: you get a three-dimensional point cloud in a very short time maintaining a degree of accuracy in line with the requirements of the Automotive sector, both for components with simple geometry and for complex geometries. One of the peculiarities of this system consists in the fact that no preparation activity of the component or surface treatment is required: it is able to dynamically adapt to the reflectance conditions of the surface of the component itself, obtaining a high accuracy of the acquired data with various properties superficial, like reflective or black surfaces. Also, it is not even necessary to use markers on the component or support system.The PolyWorks | InspectorTM software was also purchased to provide the customer with a more complete report, which allows to align the cloud of points to the CAD model through a wide range of alignment techniques, such as best-fit algorithms, obtaining chromatic maps of the deviations from nominal to measured and controls on the sections.