Dynamica ​​is specialized in the design and manufacture of complex injection molds for the production of plastic components for the automotive sector, such as 2K, 3K, rotary, spin tools, translation, stack-tools, gas injection molds and medium/large moulds up to 30 tons.

The long standing experience of the Dynamica team along with a careful tool design, efficient planning and the use of modern machinery, allow to supply reliable molds for high series and to reach a total amount of approx. 60.000 manufacturing hours per year.

Dynamica can also count on local toolmaking cooperations for an additional capacity of 15.000 hours / year, in addition to its internal production. Furthermore 25.000 hours / year are produced in our Rumanian toolshop. The Dynamica network is therefore able to supply a total amount of approx 100.000 manufacturing hours per year.

Milling PARPAS DIAMOND LINEAR 30 (1) 3000(+330)x2600(+330)x1200
Milling PARPAS DIAMOND LINEAR 30 (2) 3000(+330)x2600(+330)x1200
Automatic Transfer System PARPAS AUTOMATIC PALLET TRANSFER 24000×7500
Milling PARPAS DIAMON LINEAR 2200(+220)x1500(+220)x1000
Work and drilling center CHETO IX2000 1980x1460x800 (+W1630)
Milling TIGER TMT6-RT 3000×900(+W1190)x2000
Milling MIKRON MILL P500 U 500x600x450
Milling DOOSAN NX6500II 1050x650x550
Wire EDM ONA AV60 A0 800x600x500
EDM ONA QX8 B1M 2000x1000x800
EDM ONA QX4 600x400x400
Grinding DELTA 650x350x(530 from the mole axis to the table)
Grinding ROSA 1150x550x(600 from the mole axis to the table)
Lathe GORNATI 1600 x 600 (diameter)
Drill ITAMA T55/1600RH 1600×550